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Welcome to China One Printing, a division of China One Imports.

Printing in China to cut cost, and save thousands of dollars.

We represent 7 quality (ISO 9001 certified) Chinese printing factories in China. Our offices are located in the US and China. We offer the printing and manufacturing services of:

We print everything in China and bring back to the US for delivery. It is great for volume printing and not too time sensitive job, can save clients thousands of dollars. Standard turn around time is around 2~2.5 months for west coast clients & 2.5~3 months for east coast clients, shipping back to the US by sea.

Call now for a free quote and see how much you can save by yourself. We will ship your products back to the US and deliver to your door.

Our minimum order requirement is:
-. Softcover books, 1,000 copies or $3,000 before shipping, whichever is greater;
-. Hardcover books, 2,000 copies or $4,000 before shipping, whichever is greater.

Sorry, we currently don't work with resellers/brokers.

Call or email your inquiry now.
Tel: (818) 991 1136 - Los Angeles Pacific Standard Time
Email: Wen@ChinaOneImports.com




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Wen Yan
China manufacturing specialist

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Catalogs printing

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